Netgear Genie Setup

What is netgear Genie setup?

Netgear Genie is a leading desktop app that runs on both Mac and PC. It is easy to configure and can be done to manage NETGEAR home routers. It provides a simple dashboard in order to monitor, control as well as repair home networks. The app is free of cost and can be easily downloaded from the website of NETGEAR .

Netgear Genie offers several amazing features like remote access. This feature is used to access wireless router, especially when you are away from your home network. In order to use remote access function, it is important that you have a tablet or smart phone. However, before using this feature, make sure to create a remote access genie account to register home router.

The best part of this amazing app is used to analyse network issues without closing down the complete network.

How to setup Network Genie setup

Setting up network Genie is simple to set up a new setup netgear range extender . All you need to do is open your web browser on your PC or laptop to the prevailing network. After completing it, take the Ethernet cable and then connect it to the Wi-fi range extender. Make sure that you have already created Netgear Genie account. You can get in touch with us Fix my wifi ext if you are facing any sort of issue while creating an account.

Steps involved in setup

  • Do a network speed test
  • Setup a guest network for family and friends
  • Easy to change the name of SSID or password of the wireless network
  • Setup Live Parental Controls
  • Analyze a graphical map of all the network connected devices

Working and Usage

As we have mentioned, through Netgear Genie app you can control, view and resolve any network issues with a blink of eye. However, you don’t need to be a tech enthusiast or write strings of code to control your network using the app, but you can access all the features with a few clicks. This setup is helpful in checking the internet speed from your internet provider and making a network analyses to verify if you smart device is accessing your network or not.

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